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Ask The Experts: Dynamic Display Targeting

on June 13, 2016

Our team of digital marketing experts has implemented a weekly series, Ask the Experts, dedicated to answering dealers’ questions regarding L2TMedia’s solutions and best practices. The success of our dealerships is our number one priority and we know that many of our clients have questions when it comes to what we do. So ask away!

Which targeting method performs the best for Dynamic Display campaigns?

Our specialists first put an emphasis on targeting auto intenders according to dealer inventory, targeting in-market Dodge Charger shoppers, for example. A cookie is placed on these users’ browsers, which allows our specialists to build a retargeting pool of qualified individuals. This allows us to retarget these users according to what they’ve already browsed on your website. We can ensure a high-quality retargeting pool, allowing our specialists to be more precise with what is shown in dynamic display ads. By focusing on this high-quality traffic, there is a higher chance of users clicking on form leads and corresponding VDPs.

Our specialists do run both traffic building and remarketing campaigns at the same time; however the remarketing pool needs time to be built up. Once the remarketing pool is a good size to max out, we will focus most of our effort on this targeting method.

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Ask The Experts: Dynamic Display Targeting