Paid Social: Hypertarget Active Car Shoppers in Social Media’s Biggest Market

Dynamic Paid Social Ads

Connect a Ready-To-Buy Shopper to a Specific Vehicle

  • L2T’s VDPConnect™ feature pulls your inventory daily
  • Dynamically creates Paid Social ads that match the vehicle a shopper has searched for or shown interest in
  • Features in-stock vehicle details along with a strong call to action
  • The ad lands the shopper right on the VDP for the specific vehicle

The Different Ways Paid Social Helps You Reach Car Shoppers

Build a Similiar Audience

Expand your reach by finding potential customers on Facebook that have similar demographics and interests to your current customers.

Lookalike audience with similar demographics and interests

Target Current Customers Based on a Customized Audience List

Target your current customers by matching email addresses with Facebook profiles. Think of it as modern-day direct mail.

Target your current customers by matching emails and facebook

Remarket Your Website Visitors

Target your Paid Social ads to people who have visited your website and have shown an interest in your cars.

Target visitors to your website

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Paid Social