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Display advertising with L2TMedia

Consumer targeted display ads

Engage In-Market Shoppers

When a potential customer looks at a car on your website, we serve relevant display ads to that same consumer as they navigate the web. Consumers are identified as “auto intenders” based on their most recent browsing and search history. These consumers are targeted with your display ads as they browse websites.


Use display ads to target car shoppers within a specified radius of your dealership based on the physical location of their mobile device. Expand awareness of your dealership, send offers, promote vehicles and align your ad content.


Reconnect with visitors who have already visited your website and shown interest in particular models. You’ll benefit from higher click-through rates and more conversions.

Increase Traffic to Your VDPs Using Dynamic Display Ads

L2T’s VDPConnect™ feature pulls your inventory daily

In real time, our platform matches in-stock inventory to customer interests based on their online activities. Ads run across many sites, including premium auto sites

Clicking an ad takes the shopper to a specific VDP for your vehicles

Link directly to your inventory

Comparing Google Display Ads and Dynamic Display (VDPConnect™) Advertising

Display Ads

Ad Type

  • Model-specific with current incentives
  • Service Offer
  • Dealership branding
  • Special event or dealership promotion
  • General used car promotion

Target Audience

  • In-market and near-market shoppers

Ad Goal

  • Brand awareness
  • Drive interest
  • Increase dealer-specific search queries


  • Brand awareness
  • Google Display Ads websites
Dynamic Display Ads

Ad Type

  • Multiple vehicles displayed in ad based on instock inventory
  • Each online shopper views a different set of VINs matched to each shopper’s online behavior. Ads link directly to VDPs

Target Audience

  • In-market and near-market shoppers

Ad Goal

  • Drive VDP views
  • Highlight in-stock vehicles and price


  • Premium automotive network
  • Facebook
  • Multiple ad networks (including Google Display Ads)

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