L2T Next-Level Technology Purpose-Built for Dealerships

L2T has worked with thousands of dealers, launched more than 20,000 campaigns and reached millions of qualified car shoppers. We combined our expertise and historical data with insights from Google, Facebook and Microsoft to create a purpose-built platform that makes dealer digital marketing faster, easier and more targeted.

Our Platform Powers Everything We Do for You

With L2T’s platform, your campaigns run fast with incredible precision and the best possible results. By leveraging tech automation and data, our platform:

  • Speeds up onboarding and campaign setups
  • Enables targeted campaign strategies
  • Powers programmatic ad campaigns
  • Automates optimizations
  • Displays the most accurate view of your performance

L2T Manages Campaigns with Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our platform is a comprehensive resource which improves and speeds up every step in the digital marketing process.

Take the Next Step to Improve Your Digital Marketing Performance

See how your results stack up against other dealerships. Also explore the improvements you can expect from switching to L2T products.

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