Build Your Dealership Data Strategy with AudiencePro™

Step 1: data ingestion from sources including website, CRM, DMS, and 3rd party data.

Data Ingestion

Merges website traffic, first-party (CRM, DMS) and third-party data for optimized customer information

Step 2: Hygiene and segmentation. This process includes de-duplication, segmenting, and cleaning.

Hygiene and Segmentation

Combine, clean and normalize records to create ready-to-activate smart audiences

Step 3: activation to sources including Google, Google analytics, Amazon, and Meta.


Applies hyper-targeted data across media channels through a seamless integration that reaches ready-to-buy shoppers

Features of AudiencePro™

Data security icon

Data Security

Targeted audiences

Hyper-Targeted Audiences

Actionable insights

Actionable Insights

Proven results

Proven Results

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