Over-the-Top Advertising (OTT): The Most Cost-Efficient Way to Reach Shoppers Opting Out of Traditional TV Models

Benefits of OTT Advertising

Targeting: Access to online and offline signals to serve ads to in-market viewers paired with Amazon consumer data.

Inventory: Ads are run on exclusive apps and streaming service networks.

Reporting: Monthly reports and the performance dashboard provide dealers with robust metrics and KPIs to track results.

Attribution: L2T shows how your marketing dollars correlate to driving traffic to your website.

OTT Metrics Show Your Dollars at Work

With traditional TV you are purchasing ad spots on assumed audiences, with OTT we know who we are targeting, and we have the metrics to show the value of your marketing dollars.

Video Completion Rate:

95% or above completion rate is expected.

Ad Frequency:

Average number of exposures to the video per unique user. 2-4 on average.

Cost Per Completed View:

<$0.10/completed view is expected. L2T dealers see $.05 or less.

Website Visits:

Count of consumers who viewed the ad and then visited the website within 30 days.

L2T Can Produce Videos for Your Dealership!

Let L2TMedia be your one-stop shop for video production and advertising. Save time and money by having a single point of contact for both. Include your logos and brand colors along with tailored messages. Even align content with your quarterly incentives and promotions.

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