Target Car Shoppers with Our AutoQuity™ Ad Solution

As part of our tech platform, L2T’s AutoQuityTM programmatic ad solution helps dealers reach more of the right buyers with precision-targeted digital advertising. AutoQuity™ automatically creates and distributes your ads while optimizing your budget, driving vehicle sales and service transactions. By responding to what in-market shoppers are seeking, AutoQuity™ delivers more relevant ads – and at the most ideal cost.

Get Greater Lead Certainty with Our True Leads

Through our AutoQuity™ ad solution, we only report True Leads for our digital products, which are form submits, calls greater than 15 seconds, as well as text and chat conversations initiated on a dealer’s website tied back to an ad click. Other vendors report on web activities and all calls of any duration, typically overstating leads to 10% or 15%.

Faster, More Targeted and More Customized Advertising Gives You Better Results

Average CPCs at lower cost

L2T video views are higher than average

L2T has a higher CTR average

Higher social CTRs and lower CPCs

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