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Ask the Experts: Top Content Practices For Automotive Digital Marketing in 2017

on January 17, 2017

Our team of digital marketing experts has implemented a weekly series, Ask the Experts, dedicated to answering dealers’ questions regarding L2TMedia’s solutions and best practices. The success of our dealerships is our number one priority and we know that many of our clients have questions when it comes to what we do. So ask away!

Top Content Practices & Recommendations for Automotive Digital Marketing in 2017


With the New Year, there are new trends and ideas. What hasn’t changed is Google’s mindset toward content and the importance of originality and relevancy. Last week we discussed our predictions for SEO trends in 2017, but content is very much an extension of the SEO plan. In many ways, fresh, relevant content is the most important facet of your digital marketing efforts, and our content team at L2TMedia is always looking for ideas that help to make your dealership stand above the competition. Here are our team’s recommendations for writing original content for your customers:

  • Share your dealership’s “voice”
    • At L2TMedia, we build custom blogs or create fresh content for existing dealership blogs. One way you can personalize your dealership and relate to your customers is through distinguishing yourself from your competition. A blog is a great place to write about local events, community work, and dealership amenities. Do you offer free coffee and WiFi, playrooms for the kids, or anything else that makes the car buying process easier? This is your chance to add content, but be relatable to your community.
  • Compare, but show your product’s value
    • Your customers are looking for their next car, so this is a great way to sell your products while having fun. A comparison page will help your product to shine by showing its’ value. You can also satisfy customer questions, and even capitalize on search inquiries, by providing answers about why people should purchase your car brands.
  • How-To-Guides with spice
    • A “how-to” guide is the perfect way to provide answers to general car questions and an extra chance to help you relate to your community. Helping your customers to narrow down a decision about leasing versus buying a new car, explaining in-car tech, or tips on getting your vehicle ready for the changing seasons are always great ways to help your customers. Our content team can also help to add some spice to your written content by plopping in a high-quality image or embedding one of your amazing YouTube videos to increase aesthetics and engagement.


There are many different ways to ensure that your dealership is adding new, unique content and these are only a few recommended ideas. Using your blog and onsite pages will help your store to be a source not just for new cars, but a destination for parts, service, and extra information. In the end, your site’s users are expecting personalized content that is tailored to them and their area. Writing for your customers will not only improve your presence in their eyes, but it’s a signal to Google that you are a high quality business in the area and it can only help you to improve your ranking in Google’s eyes.


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Ask the Experts: Top Content Practices For Automotive Digital Marketing in 2017