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Ask The Experts: Take Advantage of Google’s Price Extensions in Automotive Mobile Ads

on May 29, 2017

Google is always working on innovating their product, which is why the paid search team in charge of L2TMedia’s automotive paid search is always adapting to the market. Last year, Google rolled out price extensions for mobile ads. As a business that reaches direct to consumer, this is a huge bonus to customer engagement in searches. Moving from a list to scrolling cards helps to take better advantage of search space and make the advertisements online more interactive.

Mobile AdWords Price Extension Ad Screenshot

According to an article from Search Engine Journal in November of last year, these new AdWords price extension cards will be the format you will be seeing on mobile. Prior to this format, the price extensions were in a list format that took up more “real estate” in the search results. This new change helps to increase aesthetics while rewarding the ad with engagement via swipe through. If you’re an automotive dealership that wants to take advantage of this new feature, there are a few criteria you will need to meet for this to show:

  • Ad needs to be tailored for mobile.
  • Your ad must be in the first position.
  • You will need a minimum of three extensions with a maximum of eight.
  • Your keywords need to be in an ad group for the offered products and services.


At L2TMedia, our automotive paid search specialists can assist you with creating a campaign that meets these parameters. It’s exciting to see the way advertisements are becoming more organic and engaging without being intrusive to the user experience while searching. We can help you take advantage of the newest ideas for digital marketing and advertising through our expertise and position as a Google Partner.


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Ask The Experts: Take Advantage of Google’s Price Extensions in Automotive Mobile Ads

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