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Model-Specific Remarketing at L2TMedia

on February 29, 2016

Remarketing is a tactic used in all of L2TMedia’s display campaigns as part of our two-pronged approach. The primary point of remarketing is to show an ad to the group of people who have already expressed interest in your business by visiting your website.

Remarketed individuals are more likely to convert to a lead than individuals who have not visited your website. Past visitors to your website are served ads across the Google Display Network, which spans millions of individual domains, in order to increase their awareness about your product. The ability to target these individuals extends to the specific pages they have visited on your website – called model-specific remarketing.

Model-specific remarketing is a great strategy if you have core models you are trying to push, for example, with a manufacturer’s incentive or there is high volume on the lot. We have the ability to use remarketing to target users who have expressed an interest in the model. By placing a cookie on consumers that visit either inventory or vehicle detail pages, we track consumers and serve them ad creative with model-specific messaging.




Often these ads consist of new model messages for wide-ranging branding such as “Great Savings on New 2016 Jeep Cherokees”, or a specific retail or lease offer. This method of remarketing is a great way for you to showcase specials to a qualified audience that has already shown interest in the vehicle, and is therefore closer to purchase.



Staying top of mind to consumers that are in market by using model-specific retargeting is a tactic which encourages return visits to the website. Model-specific retargeting dominates on both desktop and mobile platforms to showcase custom messaging. This uniquely tailored approach is just one way of using retargeting to draw attention to your website.

To learn more about model-specific retargeting or other ways to use advanced display tactics, please view this presentation we made at the most recent Digital Dealer in January, 2016.


Co-Authors: Katie Hofer & Peter Eck

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Model-Specific Remarketing at L2TMedia