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L2T Wins Gold: 2016 Office Olympics

on August 24, 2016

At L2Tmedia, we are firm believers that the workplace can be not only a professional environment, but a fun one too. That’s why we promote employee engagement through company activities that encourage bonding and teamwork.

One recent example of an L2TMedia company event was our August Office Olympics. To celebrate the Olympic Games in Rio, departments were split into teams and asked to choose a country name and athletes to compete in each of our five tournaments.FullSizeRender[14]

On the first day, competitors came together for a game of paper wad basketball. There were three baskets, all at varying distances and worth different point values. The athletes were tasked with scoring as many baskets as possible within a 30 second time limit.

Next, we had a mental challenge. Teams sent out two delegates to solve a difficult riddle faster than the other countries. The riddle was read twice. Then, it was off to the races. While it took some teams a couple of tries, others solved the riddle on their first guess.FullSizeRender[30]

Our third activity was an unconventional footrace. Sprinters were given a cup of water to hold while running around the building as quickly as they could without spilling. While each of our competitors lost a little water, this was by far our speediest event.

The following day, we moved back inside for a game called the tower build. Each team was given 30 balloons, a roll of tape and 20 minutes to build the tallest freestanding tower they could. Every design was different. And while some stood the test of time, others were disqualified for toppling over.

Final14068220_10154369095290050_7800045244851661460_nly, we wrapped up our Olympic week with a cocktail competition. Athletes designed their own cocktails to represent their country. Each was judged on presentation, creativity and taste. All the drinks were cleverly named and delicious, making it difficult for the judges to come up with the winners.

In the end, everyone came together for a final happy hour and medal ceremony where our gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to their respective teams. Everyone did a fantastic job at competing and it was fun to see teammates come to watch and cheer their colleagues on. And while the competition was fierce, the fun of collaborating with coworkers was the real winner of the week.

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L2T Wins Gold: 2016 Office Olympics