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Electric US Army pickup truck made by Canoo.

L2Tidings 12-02-2022

on December 2, 2022

It’s time again for L2Tidings, where we see what our automotive and digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we read about Honda’s upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell powered CR-V, the future of biofuels in EVs, and Cyber Monday’s record-breaking sales.

Blue 2023 Honda CR-V.
Honda’s next EV will be a hydrogen fuel-cell powered plug-in hybrid. The 2024 CR-V will have a larger electric battery than other FCEVs to compensate for a scant (but improving) refueling infrastructure. Click the CR-V to read more.
Amazon Alexa speaker in front of a TV.
Amazon Alexa is on track to lose $10 billion this year. The smart speaker embodies a core paradox for voice assistants: The technology is revolutionary and consumers find them useful, yet they remain highly unprofitable. Click the Alexa to read more.
Cows in a field at sunset.
How a revamped biofuel program can help electric automakers – and the environment. A proposal from the Biden administration would encourage automakers to use more renewable energy in the EV manufacturing process. Click the cows to read more.
Man holding credit card online shopping on laptop.
Cyber Monday broke records with nearly $12 billion in US sales. The use of buy-now-pay-later increased by 5% YOY, while Chatbox messaging increased by 53% compared to 2021. Click the online shopper to read more.
Canoo light-duty US Army pickup truck.
Canoo sent its first electric pickup truck to the US Army for testing. The LTV (light tactical vehicle) features AWD, a 600hp powertrain, and 32″ all-terrain wheels. Click the pickup truck to read more.
Iphone homescreen showing Google and Amazon.
Five charts that show how search is changing. Search advertising is well-positioned to grow in the coming years, but only if advertisers can adapt to changing consumer behaviors. Click the iPhone screen to read more.
L2Tidings 12-02-2022

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