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L2Tidings 3-13-2020

on March 13, 2020

It’s time again for L2Tidings, the part of the week where we review everything our automotive digital marketing specialists have been reading. This past week, we read about new paid search marketing strategies, the best ways to disinfect your vehicle, and the most sung-about car brand in history.

Go Beyond Keyword-Only Targeting in Paid Search Marketing. Google Ads give us lots of options when it comes to audience targeting, and there are so many underutilized ways to reach your audience than keyword-only targeting. Click the photo to discover seven new audience-targeting methods.

The most effective ways to clean inside your car. As countries take action to combat COVID-19, it’s becoming increasingly important to practice proper sanitation in your home, your workplace, and even your vehicle. Learn how to properly disinfect the inside of your car by clicking above.

6 Ways to Use Your Images to Rank. Because the majority of website visits occur on mobile devices, it helps to use images in a way that not only increases your website traffic, but also your organic search results. Click above to learn how images can improve your search rank.

Chevrolet as the most sung about car brand in music history. Known for being one of the first car brands to bring music into cars, the Chevrolet brand appears in more songs than any other car brand in history. Click the photo to see how Chevrolet in-car listening technology has evolved over the years.

VW Will Be The 1st Mass Market Electric Car Profit Maker. According to a recent report, Volkswagen will become the first global automaker to make money selling battery-only electric vehicles in the next few years. Learn how this could inspire competing brands by clicking above.

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L2Tidings 3-13-2020