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L2Tidings 3-18-2022

on March 18, 2022

Welcome to this week’s edition of L2Tidings, where we explore the latest news in the automotive and digital marketing industries. This week, we read about Ford’s Electric University training program, how to create a topic-based content marketing campaign, and the upcoming BMW i7 electric sedan.

Google Sunsetting Universal Analytics In 2023. Over the next year, Google will slowly start phasing out Universal Analytics for Google Analytics 4, which will be the new go-to solution for monitoring website activity. Click the photo to learn how Google Analytics 4 will help you measure data across websites and apps.

Teased: BMW i7 Coming Next Month As A Technological Powerhouse. Serving as BMW’s first-ever fully-electric sedan, the BMW i7 is slated to debut next month, boasting crystal glass accents, a tech-forward interior, and an illuminated grille. Get a sneak peek by clicking the photo.

Google refine this search and broaden this search now live in search results. Google has rolled out “Refine This Search” and “Broaden This Search” in the U.S.-based search results, allowing users to explore topics in broader or more specific detail. Click above to see what these features look like in search results.

Ford’s Electric University Will Train Employees On All Things EV. In an attempt to train its workers, Ford is planning on opening an “Electric University” to brief its salespeople, technicians, and parts consultants on all things related to electric vehicles. Learn more about this new initiative by clicking above.

How To Dominate SERPs By Focusing On Topics Instead Of Keywords. Google is always developing new ways to understand how people are searching for topics, which is why it’s important to outfit content with keywords and components that are designed to match user intent. Click the photo to learn how to create a logical topical structure on your website.

Starbucks and Volvo Combine Forces to Recharge People and Their EVs. Volvo and Starbucks are adding ChargePoint DC fast chargers along a 1,350-mile route from Seattle to Denver, which will be available to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Find out when these stations will be available by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 3-18-2022