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L2Tidings 6-3-2022

on June 3, 2022

It’s time again for L2Tidings, where we see what our automotive and digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we read about Buick’s new full-electrification plan, Gen Z’s aversion to advertising, and the ranking power of keywords in domain names.

Buick Announces Full Electrification Plan By End Of Decade. GM’s legacy luxury brand is making the bold leap toward an all-EV lineup sooner than later. Click the new Buick emblem for more.

Is There Ranking Power In Keyword Domains? the ranking power of keywords in domain names, including what two insiders say about choosing domains. For more, click the pic.

Facelifted 2023 Toyota Corolla Gets Major Powertrain Update With AWD Hybrid And More. The highest-selling car ever is getting a new look and a powerful eco-friendly model. Click the pic for a preview.

Gen Z is Rejecting Traditional Advertising At All Costs. Young consumers are over conventional advertising and influencers and turning their attention to authenticity. Click the above image for more.

Ford Announces $3.7 Billion Midwest Expansion, Plus New Mustang, Ranger, and Commercial EV. The Detroit automaker is investing in manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri, promising to create 6,200 new unionized jobs. For more Ford updates, click the F-150.

12 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need To Know. Examining tips for fine-tuning your page’s content, tags, and internal links to improve search visibility. Click the image to learn more.

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L2Tidings 6-3-2022