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L2Tidings 7-15-2022

on July 15, 2022

It’s time again for L2Tidings, where we see what our automotive and digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we read about Ford’s commitment to electric pickup trucks, the persistent value of blog posts, and GM’s plan to install EV chargers at truck stops across America.

Ford Doubles Down on EV Pickups With Ranger, Maverick, Lightning, and Thunder Trademarks. Ford Ranger and Maverick Lightning trademarks preview Ford’s all-new EV pickup lineup to follow the F-150 Lightning. To read more, click the Maverick.
Google Confirms Ongoing Issue With Its Search Index. On July 15, Google confirms there have been issues with its search index impacting a large number of sites; the root cause is unknown. To learn more, click the pic.
GM Hopes to Make Road-Tripping Easier By Installing DC Fast Chargers at 500 U.S. Truck Stops. The automaker is partnering with Pilot and Flying J truck stops to build 2000 DC fast-chargers along American highways, starting in 2023. Click the Hummer EV for more.

6 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Marketing And SEO. Here are some of the best practices SEO experts use to create effective blog strategies that engage and grow a target audience. Click the pic for more.
2023 Honda CR-V First Look: Poised for a Best SUV Threepeat? The popular and high-performing compact SUV is one of the highest-selling vehicles on the market; will its streak continue into 2023?
Google Brings Optimization Score To Performance Max Campaigns. Google Ads’ optimization score, a favorite feature among advertisers, is now compatible with Performance Max campaigns. For more, click the image.

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L2Tidings 7-15-2022