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OTT Advertising Offers Targeting that Works

on May 12, 2021

Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising gives your dealership the opportunity to target high-intent households and viewers watching programming outside of traditional cable and satellite tv. 


Amazon’s audiences are accelerating fast with ad-supported networks reaching 120M active monthly viewers up 30% from Q4 2020. 

Fire TV is the #1 streaming network in America and Amazon’s platform is the most powerful in the market. L2T’s OTT advertising runs on the Amazon network.  

By running ads on the Amazon network, your dealership benefits from an engaged viewing audience paired with proprietary Amazon consumer data, which is unavailable through other streaming platforms or traditional tv ad buys.  

L2T can offer targeting that pinpoints the type of shopper you are looking for with core and secondary audiences.  

Targeting for Core Audiences: 

  • Geo-Location: With Amazon data we target household address, not IP addresses. Target by city, zip code, DMA and radius around your dealership location.  
  • Amazon Vehicles: Target Amazon users based on their recent research within the 700K+ Amazon vehicle detail pages. 
  • Amazon Garage: Target Amazon users within the 71M+ unique Amazon Garage customer accounts based on their current vehicle. 
  • 3rd Party, In-Market Options: Polk, IHS, Oracle, Experian 

Targeting for Secondary Audience:  

  • Re-Targeting: Target consumers who recently browsed your dealership website.  
  • Email Lists: Hyper target messaging to consumers by matching your dealership customers by providing home addresses, email addresses or phone numbers. 
  • Geo-Fencing: Target consumers who’ve physically visited your competitor in the past 30 days.   
  • TV Re-Targeting: Target consumers who’ve recently seen commercials from various makes in the past 30 days.  

OTT targeting is set-up to make sure your ads are served to viewers most likely to convert based on buyer intent metrics. Plus, you can see your marketing dollars at work with L2T’s month-end reports and 24/7 dashboard. With our OTT product we can attribute your ad placement views with shoppers that visited your website or dealership showroom.  

To learn more about OTT or to book a demo contact our L2T reps!  

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OTT Advertising Offers Targeting that Works