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Appear Higher and More Frequently in Search Results

on March 18, 2019

Structured data is a great way to communicate what vehicles are for sale, where a dealership is located, what the hours of operation are and how many people reviewed the dealership. It is simple – structured data packs all of the great information from your website into Google’s search results pages (or Bing or Yahoo!).

If structured data is created correctly, your business information also feeds Google’s Knowledge Graph and search results. Google uses structured data information to answer questions that people ask in the search bar – called “Direct Answers.” While structured data is a fairly standard web development tool, the amount of traffic you get to your website depends on how well you use it.

L2T clients running Standard and Advanced SEO packages receive structured data updates on a quarterly basis, ensuring our dealers show up in organic search results, Knowledge Graph and Direct Answers.

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Appear Higher and More Frequently in Search Results