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What’s The “Amazon Advantage”? Webinar Recap

on April 4, 2023

As the digital landscape of our modern day-to-day lives has changed so has the way we purchase items and the way in which we consume advertisement. The leader in the space carving the path of course being, Amazon. They reinvented and simplified the at-home buying process through their app, website, OTT and even Alexa. With endless amounts of data and shopper behaviors being captured it was only a matter of time before Amazon decided to connect and tap into the automotive industry.  

Amazon being such a new and exciting (and potentially unknown) way to connect with consumers, we at L2T partnered with the Auto Team directly to review the “Amazon Advantage” in our latest webinar.  

The “Advantages” we specifically reviewed were: 

  • The expansive power behind Amazon advertising  
  • How to leverage the Amazon auto audiences unlike other platform 
  • The ability to “own the home” and connect with consumers when they aren’t online    

The information shared was so valuable we wanted to make the video recording available for you in case you missed it or wanted to revisit the content with your team at the dealership + the option to connect with our team about our joint product offerings.



What’s The “Amazon Advantage”? Webinar Recap