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Harness The Power Of Amazon With L2T 

on June 15, 2023

In our modern landscape, digital advertising has become an essential component for the success of dealerships, particularly in terms of effectively reaching a boarder audience and generating conversions. One platform that has revolutionized the advertising space is Amazon, offering a plethora of opportunities for dealers to showcase their inventory and services. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of utilizing Amazon Advertising and review the outcomes achieved by a well-known dealer group on the east coast that embraced the platform’s full range of advertising opportunities.  

Why Utilize Amazon Advertising? Amazon Advertising provides dealers with unparalleled opportunities to run their ads across various properties solely owned and operated by Amazon. From Display and Video to OTT and even Audio, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of advertising options, enabling dealerships to connect with their target audience through their preferred channels. By leveraging Amazon’s vast reach and engagement, dealers can significantly enhance their brand visibility and drive meaningful results. 

The Advantage of Running Multiple Products Across Amazon Advertising Network: For quite some time, L2T has been advising dealers to embrace the full range of advertising services offered by Amazon. Recently, a large and reputable dealer group on the east coast took our recommendation and launched a campaign that encompassed Display, Video, OTT and Audio. The results that followed surpassed our expectations, reinforcing the advantage of running multiple products across the Amazon Advertising network. 

The Key To Success: One of the crucial metrics to consider when evaluating advertising success is consumer exposure. Amazon’s vast ecosystem, combined with its extensive user base, provides dealers with unparalleled access to potential customers. By running ads across multiple Amazon properties, dealerships can effectively increase their consumer exposure and create valuable touchpoints throughout the customer journey. 

Analyzing KPIs: L2T + Amazon diligently monitored consumer engagements for the dealer group and analyzed the outcomes of exposure to different ad types. The KPIs revealed fascinating insights into the effectiveness of this advertising strategy. 

  • Conversion Rate with 1 Ad Product: 0.97% When consumers were exposed to a single ad product, the conversion rate reached 0.97%. This statistic highlights the efficacy of focused advertising campaigns targeting specific channels. 
  • Conversion Rate with 2 Ad Products: 3.87% By expanding their advertising strategy to include two ad products, the dealer group witnessed an impressive increase in the conversion rate, chance to capture a broader audience and increase brand exposure. 
  • Conversion Rate with 3+ Ad Products: 9.83% The most surprising revelation came when consumers were exposed to three or more ad products. In this scenario, the conversion rate skyrocketed to 9.83%. This outcome underscores the power of combining multiple advertising formats. By leveraging a diverse range of ad products, dealers can significantly enhance their conversion rates and maximize their return on investment. 

The partnership between Amazon and L2T provides dealers with an exciting opportunity to harness the power of one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. By leveraging Amazon’s comprehensive suite of advertising services, a dealer can reach a vast audience across various channels and formats. The results achieved by the east coast dealer group, who embraced Amazon Advertising’s full range of ad products, exemplify the potential for success. As dealers navigate the evolving advertising landscape, it is crucial to adapt and leverage platforms like Amazon to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their marketing goals.  


Harness The Power Of Amazon With L2T