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Learn Why You Need to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy 

on July 11, 2023

In the fast-paced digital world we live in, establishing a robust online presence is vital for dealerships to succeed. Among the many tools and techniques available, SEO stands out as a key driver of organic website traffic and improved SERP visibility. In this blog post, we will review a case study showcasing the transformative impact of upgrading an SEO strategy for an Acura dealer in Southern California. By understanding their success, you’ll gain valuable insights into why upgrading your own SEO efforts is a wise decision. 

The Problem: A current L2T client faced significant challenges due to supply chain disruptions affecting their new car inventory. As a result, they encountered difficulties in driving traffic to their website. To overcome these obstacles, it became essential for them to optimize their website and focus on driving traffic to their used car and service pages. 

The Solution: L2T recommend they upgrade their SEO to the Dominate Package to address the dealership’s traffic issues and to engage more potential shoppers. This comprehensive solution aimed to boost the dealership’s visibility on the SERP and increase organic traffic. 

Key Elements of the Upgraded SEO Strategy: 

  • Increasing keyword count by 33%: By identifying and targeting relevant keywords, L2T aimed to enhance the website’s visibility and attract a larger audience actively searching for Acura vehicles or services. 
  • Updating geo-location to include a larger metro market: To expand the dealership’s reach, L2T optimized the website’s geo-location settings, ensuring it would appear in search results for a broader geographical area. 
  • Shifting focus to used car and service pages through optimized content: L2T recognized the importance of catering to potential customers interested in used cars and services. They optimized the website’s content to align with these customer needs, improving the chances of attracting and engaging them. 

After implementing the upgraded SEO strategy, the Acura dealer witnessed significant improvements in their online presence. The following KPIs demonstrate the success of the strategy: 

Organic Traffic: 

  • YOY overall increase of 40%
  • Used Inventory page experienced a remarkable 60% increase
  • CPO Inventory page witnessed a staggering 109% surge
  • Service Center page observed a notable 75% rise
  • Service Specials page experienced a substantial 160% lift

Keyword Ranking: 

  • Average keyword rank improved by 28%. 
  • The number of keywords ranked on the first page of search results increased by 30%. 

This Acura dealer’s experience serves as a compelling example of the importance of upgrading your SEO strategy. Despite supply chain challenges, the dealership managed to significantly increase their organic traffic and attract potential customers by implementing targeted SEO improvements. Stay ahead of the competition by prioritizing SEO and reaping the benefits of an optimized online presence. 


Learn Why You Need to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy