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Career-leveling guides are an effective tool to understand the team structures of each department, roles available in each department, job responsibilities and experience levels. Career-leveling guides are a transparent resource to help you grow and build your career path here at L2T.


So, take a closer look! Leveling guides help you understand your role responsibilities and expectations, identify your strengths, areas of development where you require more coaching. This is a tool and resource to help facilitate an open discussion about your career goals at L2T with your manager.

Customer Success Team

The Customer Success Team members are the day-to-day contacts for our dealers. The team manages support issues for dealers, handles month-end performance calls and build client relationships for loyalty and customer retention.


Sales Team

The Sales team focuses on retaining and growing revenue for L2T. The team prospects for new dealerships, focuses on retaining and growing small portfolios of existing business, and manages large clients or large portfolios to nurture and grow top clients existing book of business.



Digital Media Team

The Digital Team creates campaigns for our dealers to target new and used car shoppers as well as those in-market for vehicle service using paid search and related channels. The team builds, launches, and optimizes paid search campaigns to drive traffic, vehicle views and conversions.

SEO Team

The SEO Team performs the optimizations and SEO work that drive organic traffic growth to our dealers’ websites. Team members add new pages to dealer sites, research keyword trends, perform competitive analysis, build back-links, claim and validate local citations along with other SEO optimizations.


Content Team

The Content Team is responsible for all the content that is created and posted to our dealer’s blogs and pages. Team members edit for compliance, accuracy, SEO-value, work directly with web providers, schedule content for clients and coach freelance writers for product quality.



Paid Social Team

The Paid Social Team builds all the paid social campaigns to help dealers to capture more potential customers and drive interest in their dealership. Team members create ads on Facebook/Instagram to target in-market car buyers on social platforms.




Earned Media Team

The Earned Media team handles all organic social postings / responses, responds to reviews across multiple review platforms and manages onsite offers as well as push marketing campaigns for our dealers. Team members craft reviews, create engaging dealership social content and offer content to extend a dealer’s reach to in-market shoppers.

Ad Ops Tech Support Team

The Ad Ops Tech Support Team provides and resolves the technical support issues within L2T’s proprietary technology platforms and platform integrations, provides monthly reporting and KPIs, handles FTPs for L2T and our partners, and manages our Jira ticketing system.




Ad Ops and Compliance Team

The Ad Ops and Compliance team sets up tracking codes for all new product launches, resolves tracking code issues with web providers, ensures that all teams have the relevant Compliance information they need, and handles all co-op documentation for our clients.




Creative Team

The Creative Team handles setting up paid display ads, creating images for paid social ads and website sliders. Along with designing eye-catching ads, the team enforces OEM guidelines to ensure materials are compliant. The team assists marketing and HR by designing L2T branded materials and marketing collateral.


Finance Team

The Finance Team is responsible for contracts, billing, collections, financial reporting, payroll, expense reimbursement and commissions. Finance members review contracts for rate card consistency, approve and establish budgets, ensure customer payments and provide financial reports and analysis for management.


Human Resources Team

The HR Team is responsible for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, benefits, administration, performance management and employee relations. HR team members make sure employees have a fantastic experience at L2T through continued career training and development.

Programmatic Media Team

The Programmatic Media team creates paid campaigns for our dealers focusing on channels outside of paid search and social media, targeting in-market car shoppers or in-market for vehicle service. The core programmatic channels include display, video, and CTV/OTT. This team builds and launches campaigns to drive reach, awareness, traffic, vehicle views and conversions.

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