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Ask The Experts: Editing Negative Reviews

on February 8, 2016

Our team of digital marketing experts has implemented a weekly series, Ask the Experts, dedicated to answering client questions regarding L2TMedia’s available products and best practices. The success of our dealerships is our number one priority, but we know that many of our clients have questions when it comes to what we do. As these questions arise, let us know what we can help you understand.

Once a negative review is dealt with, how can I keep it from affecting my online reputation?

Keeping your online reputation clear of negative reviews is nearly impossible. With the Internet at every individual’s fingertips, reviews can make or break a business. Luckily for our dealers, L2TMedia’s Social Media & Reputation Management Specialists are here to help keep negative reviews from tarnishing your reputation. Our specialists set up a review portal to drive positive reviews to your local citation sites, and deflect negative reviews. Should a negative review make it on your Yelp, Google My Business or other review site, our specialists take the opportunity to respond to the negative feedback and turn it into a positive reflection of your brand.
Many of our dealers are tempted to ask a reviewer to edit or remove their negative post once our specialists have reached out to them. Until you can be 100% certain that the customer is satisfied, our Social Media & Reputation Management Specialists suggest waiting. Once you are sure there are no more issues, address the situation in a sensitive way. Start by thanking the customer for making you aware of the issue through the review, and then proceed by letting them know your online reputation is very important to you. This will help the individual understand why removing or editing their review once the issue has been resolved is helpful.
As situations like this arrive, remember that our Social Media & Reputation Management Specialists are here to assist you in maintaining your online reputation.
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Ask The Experts: Editing Negative Reviews