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Ask The Experts: Top Social Media Trends & Predictions For Automotive Digital Marketing In 2017

on January 30, 2017

Our team of digital marketing experts has implemented a weekly series, Ask the Experts, dedicated to answering dealers’ questions regarding L2TMedia’s solutions and best practices. The success of our dealerships is our number one priority and we know that many of our clients have questions when it comes to what we do. So ask away!



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Social Media & Channels in 2017


Humans are social creatures by nature, so it’s no surprise social networks are so big. There is a niche for just about everything when you consider the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others. When there is a chance to reach this audience, you can bet that L2TMedia is hard at work with planning for how to ensure your brand is seen on the biggest social media networks. Our social impact and reputation management teams have given us their biggest predictions and trends for automotive digital marketing in 2017.

  • Be seen online
    • This doesn’t just mean to get your name out in front of the masses, but rather to use enriching content like photos, gifs, and especially video. Video is the hot topic for digital marketing With Facebook, you can use Facebook Live to live stream events, promotions, or anything else you can think of. Video allows you to engage with your customers in a new way. Take your visitors on a virtual test drive in one of your cars, but do it live!
  • Remarket to your audience
    • Advertising is still a top channel for getting your brand recognized through the noise of everything online. With boosted posts and re-marketing ads, you can ensure that your brand presents itself and reminds your customers that forgot about you that you’re still there. Input your email lists online and different platforms, like Facebook, will allow you to target ads to these customers when they are online.
  • Manage your social impact
    • Let’s face it, people are online all the time and our brand is online all the time. You need to sleep some time – right? Not only do you need to ensure your online profile is correct, you can use different automation features, such as chat bots on Facebook, to assist you with helping your customers even when you aren’t able to. While it’s not advisable to go fully automated, some features can help you stay relevant and connected with your customers online.


In a 24/7 online cycle, you can never afford for your brand to slip. At L2TMedia, we have a team dedicated to helping your business be seen, stay relevant, and help drive positive reviews for your business. Our experts are always hard at work to make your lives easier in the digital world whether you live on Google+, Facebook, Yelp, Cars.com, Edmunds, or all of the above!


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Ask The Experts: Top Social Media Trends & Predictions For Automotive Digital Marketing In 2017