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Extend Your Reach with Discovery Ads

on April 19, 2021

Google’s digital platforms can curate consumer intent from Google Search, YouTube and the Google Discover App. This consumer data is now available for ad targeting across all channels with Google Discovery Ads.  

85% of consumers will take a product-related action within 24 hours after discovering a product that meets their needs. With Discovery Ads, you can extend your social media campaigns to new audiences by running on mobile-only Google feeds. Not only does this ad format natively appear in Google feeds, but they make it easy for customers to fill out lead forms.  

Ad Placement for Discovery  

59% of consumers have found their favorite brands while watching videos or reading emails on their mobile devices. Discovery ads inspire customers to interact with your brand on: 

  • Google Discover (Google App): Displays the daily engagement activities of shoppers 
  • Google: Where people are actively searching 
  • Google Play: Offers activities that customers love and need  
  • Google Maps: Displays where people have been and where they are going 
  • Gmail: Provides the communications that are important to shoppers 
  • YouTube: Provides videos for topics that customers are interested in 
Discovery Ads can be found on YouTube, the Discover Ap and on Gmail.\

Setting Up Discovery Ads 

Set-up for Discovery focuses on what matters to customers and dealers—the right audience and the right message at the right time.   

  • Identify key audiences: 86% of people search for a product on Google. Start by targeting customers who are actively researching.  
  • Inspire with eye-catching, engaging creative: 88% of consumers prefer brands that provide information along every stage of their purchase journey.   
  • Generate leads seamlessly: Google makes sure ads are integrated natively into experiences and optimizes them for your audience and conversion goals.  

How Discovery Ads Work 

A customer sees your ad watching a YouTube video on a mobile device and clicks to learn more. The customer is then sent to a simple and easy lead form. Not only does this short form provide an easy user-experience, but it also gets you more leads. 

How Discovery Ads Work

Discovery ads make it easy to capture leads on mobile with an easy-to-use customer experience. These ads are cost effective and provide more conversion opportunities for dealers.  

L2T is now offering Discovery Ads for dealers.  

To include this ad type within your marketing strategy and to discuss your marketing goals, contact us today! 

Extend Your Reach with Discovery Ads

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