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Employee Profile: Meet Maddy Green

on September 18, 2017

Meet Maddy Green!

Maddy Green is one of our former interns that made the switch to a full-time employee after graduation. Maddy is a Social Media Specialist.

What do you like most about working at L2TMedia?

I enjoy working with an amazing group of people who have taught me countless skills and expertise during my first job out of college!

Tell me a bit about your position here at L2TMedia? What do you do here?

I am on the Social Media team. I primarily promote lease specials and events through monthly Facebook advertisements.

What advice would you give a new hire at L2TMedia?

Be open to learning all different aspects of both the Automotive world and L2TMedia. You will have the opportunity to not only learn and grow on your team, but learn from other teams as well.

You were an intern with us and joined us full time after you graduated college. What was it about your internship experience that made you want to join us full time?

It was great getting real, hands-on experience being an intern on the Social Media team. Everyone treated me like a full-time employee and I was given normal, every-day tasks just like everyone else. I was excited to be able to come back to L2T and manage clients’ products that make a difference to their business.

We love cars… maybe more than we should. What was the year/make/model of your first car?

2000 Jeep Cherokee.

Tell me a bit about yourself that has nothing to do with work.

I am scared of dogs!


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Employee Profile: Meet Maddy Green