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Meet Our 2017 Summer Interns

on July 17, 2017

Every summer, L2TMedia hosts interns to learn various aspects of our business and gain experience in the marketing industry. Here’s your introduction to the 2017 L2TMedia Interns!

Genevieve Green is a rising senior at Marquette University majoring in Advertising who is interning with our Digital Advisor team this summer.

“What I like most about working at L2T is the number of friendly faces who are willing to help and share their knowledge, providing me with the skills and experience to communicate with clients and provide them with high quality services and products.”


Breana Brill is a returning intern we liked so much last year that we talked her into coming back this summer! Breana is a rising graduating senior at Michigan State University majoring in Professional Writing with a minor in African Studies. She is interning in our Social Media and Reputation Management team.

“I love interning at L2TMedia because the company treats me like a regular employee rather than just an intern. It’s great being able to work on projects that help the company and also develop my skills in Social Media and Reputation Management.”


Sally Meyers is a rising senior at St. Lawrence University majoring in English Literature with a minor in Communications. She is interning in our SEO/Content team.

“What I enjoy about working at L2TMedia is that I am gaining a great deal of hands-on experience in the SEO/Content area and am able to see how a business ties together. Also, the community here is beyond generous and excited in helping me improve. It’s truly an environment that promotes new ideas and confidence!”


Samantha Spengler is a rising senior at Northwestern University studying Journalism and Marketing. Sam is interning on our Marketing Team.

“What I love about L2TMedia is how welcoming and knowledgeable all the people are. I’m also learning so much about the world of digital marketing–what is new and what we can do for clients, and how sales are invariably tied to marketing strategy. I love how I feel like a valued addition to the team, and how everyone is dedicated to helping us learn.”


Katie McCulloch is rising junior at Texas Christian University studying Early Childhood Education with a specialization in Special Education. Katie is interning with our Ad Ops and Compliance team.

“Working at L2TMedia has been such a great experience so far! Coming into it, I didn’t know a lot about the advertising world but I’ve learned so much in the time that I’ve been here. At L2T, I’ve managed to meet some great people who are truly willing to help me learn, making it such an enjoyable place to be!”


We’re glad you all are here!

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Meet Our 2017 Summer Interns