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Resolve to Resolve: the New Year at L2TMedia

on January 5, 2016

As the employees here at L2TMedia embraced the start of 2016 and said goodbye to an incredible year, we all thought about what we could do to better ourselves. 2015 was a year of high-quality learning, and 2016 will be the year of pragmatic application. To really get into the swing of what we’ve learned, a few of our employees thought of some very endearing New Year’s Resolutions. See just a few of the resolutions from L2TMedia employees, and enjoy a great year in 2016!

Amy Hayden, Senior Field Consultant – To drink more vodka + water and less red wine.

Just because it’s 2016 doesn’t mean you have to cut out the fun to be health-minded. Amy’s resolution will not only keep the fun around, but keep the calories down! Good luck, Amy!




Dena Poulos Denman, Senior Field Consultant – To pick up her dog’s poop.


Chicago’s ban on plastic bags really hindered Dena and her dog’s restroom breaks. To resolve the judgment of her neighbors, Dena will find some way to pick up the warm animal fertilizer from the cold Chicago grounds. Good luck, Dena!

Danielle Naselli, Senior Social Media and Reputation Management Specialist – To only eat Taco Bell once a month.


Getting a Crunchwrap Supreme is so tempting to Taco Bell lovers near and far, and nobody understands the urge more than Danielle. Despite the constant urge to take a quick trip to Taco Bell, Danielle must steer away from its call of delicious carb-loading. Good luck, Danielle!

Rachel Markwiese, SEO Associate – To narrow down Kardashian talk to once a day.


As a lover of all things reality TV, Rachel can’t help but spread the gossip about her favorite TV family: the Kardashians. But to mitigate distractions at work and focus on enjoying her reality TV, Rachel will have to gossip with her inner self to achieve her goal. Good luck, Rachel!

Mike Young, Regional Sales Manager – To count taking the stairs at work as cardio.


Mike’s resolution doesn’t fall far from the fitness tree, either. He’s taken the resolution to really amp up his cardio intake, by counting taking the stairs at work as part of his cardio regimen! I’m sure all employees at L2TMedia will scold Mike should he be seen taking an elevator. Good luck, Mike!

No matter what your resolution might be, everyone at L2TMedia wishes you the best of luck in attaining your goals! Despite our whimsical resolutions, our employees will continue to offer high quality SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing tactics to clients who wish to see quality results. Ask us about our digital marketing services today!


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Resolve to Resolve: the New Year at L2TMedia