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L2Tidings 11-15-2019

on November 15, 2019

Welcome to L2Tidings, the weekly newsletter where we find out what our automotive digital marketing team at L2TMedia has been reading. This week, we read about Walmart’s leg-up over Amazon, how social media influencers impact the auto industry, and McLaren’s new roofless and window-less supercar.

How Social Media Influencers Are Changing the Auto Industry. To keep up with the various pulls of modern-day media, auto companies are turning towards social media influencers with large followings to advertise their cars. Learn how this helps business by clicking the photo.

Chilly Outlook For Holiday Ads As Spend Declines. Compared to ad-spending totals from previous years, retailers seem to be taking their time advertising their Black Friday and Christmas specials on television outlets. Find out why by clicking above.

Ferrari hopes to win over SUV buyers with Roma coupe. To appeal to the ever-growing SUV market, Ferrari hopes to woo shoppers with its “less intimidating” new Roma 2+2 coupe. See what it looks like by clicking the photo.

In This Age Of Excessive Marketing, Smart PR Wins. With the constant inundation of ads in every possible media sphere, companies should start considering the benefits of strategic PR as a change of pace. Click the photo to learn about the potential benefits.

McLaren Debuts $1.7 Million Supercar With No Roof And A Windshield Made Of Air. Deemed the “lightest road car ever from McLauren Automotive,” the two-seater McLaren Elva will have no roof, windows, or windshield. Learn about its unique Active Air Management System (AAMS) by clicking above.

Walmart Finds Amazon’s Weak Spot. Amazon may be creeping into the retail grocery market with its recent investment in Whole Foods, but Walmart’s online and in-store grocery service has it beat by a long-shot. Find out Walmart’s secret by clicking the photo.


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L2Tidings 11-15-2019