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L2Tidings 12-6-2019

on December 6, 2019

Welcome to this week’s edition of L2Tidings, where we explore the latest news in the automotive and digital marketing industries. This week, our automotive marketing specialists read about Nissan’s upcoming shutdown, Ford’s secret to cutting vehicle prices, and BP’s controversial “greenwashing” campaign.

BP Accused of ‘Greenwashing’ and Deceiving Public With Renewable Energy Ads. A non-profit environmental law organization is calling out BP for “trying to change its reputation without changing its core fossil fuel business.” Do you agree? Click the photo to learn more.

Nissan to close U.S. operations for two days next month. After enduring a massive drop in sales this fiscal year, Nissan has enacted a two-day unpaid furlough next month in an attempt to build back revenue. Learn who will be affected by the shutdown by clicking the photo.

Who are the biggest TV advertisement spenders as we head into the holidays? The holidays are fast-approaching, and you might be surprised who tops the list as the biggest TV holiday ad spender this season. See who made the top-10 by clicking the photo.

Reductive Design: Ford’s Secret Recipe for Affordable Cars? With vehicle prices climbing and overall sales beginning to stagnate, Ford believes the secret to tamping down vehicle costs has to do with reductive design. Click the photo to learn more about Ford’s strategy.

Performance Video is the Future of Marketing. Here’s Why. No one can deny the power of video advertisements, but the trick to creating effective marketing videos lies in how you engage your diverse audience. Learn how to create an impactful performance video by clicking above.

Hyundai’s $52B “Strategy 2025” Plan Calls for Battery Cars and “Personal Air Vehicles”. In an effort to create more eco-focused vehicles, Hyundai recently released its “Strategy 2025” plan, which will see to the production of more autonomous vehicles and potentially even flying cars. Check out Hyundai’s upcoming vehicle designs by clicking above.

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L2Tidings 12-6-2019