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L2Tidings 12-13-2019

on December 13, 2019

Welcome to this week’s edition of L2Tidings, where we take a peek at what our digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we discovered how Peloton’s recent advertising scandal could actually improve business, saw a Rolls-Royce Phantom with one million interior stitches, and learned about Honda’s new social media safety campaign.

Econometer: Will a bad advertisement really hurt companies like Peloton? Peloton received backlash recently for its holiday advertisement depicting a woman receiving a Peloton bike from her husband, but will its social media backlash hurt or improve business? Click the photo to decide for yourself.

Honda uses social media to talk about car crashes. At this year’s New York auto show, Honda displayed a mangled Honda HR-V in order to start a discussion with consumers on vehicle safety. Learn about their new social media safety campaign by clicking the photo.

How In-App Advertising is Collecting Your Data. It’s no secret that various types of apps collect and store personal data, but could your personal information be used to affect your business? Click the photo to find out what you can do about it.

This Rolls-Royce Phantom’s cabin has a million stitches! One entrepreneur from Stockholm challenged Rolls-Royce to commission a car that “immerses its occupants in a beguiling floral scene.” Check out the finished product by clicking above.

Facebook has made AR ads available to all marketers through its ad manager. Just this week, Facebook officially opened up augmented reality (AR) interactive ads to all marketers who advertise on Facebook. Learn Facebook’s ultimate goal by clicking the photo.

How New Technology Can Protect Pedestrians Where Auto Alert Systems Fall Short. To reduce the amount of pedestrian-stricken accidents that occur year-over-year, AAA set out to test the effectiveness of pedestrian detection systems to help manufacturers improve auto alert technology. Click the photo to learn their findings.

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L2Tidings 12-13-2019