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L2Tidings 2-19-18

on February 23, 2018

This week’s roundup of interesting digital marketing trends and industry news includes L2T’s new partnership, how videos are important to SEO, and why you could be seeing 3D posts on your Facebook news feed soon. See What We’re Reading below!

Google No Longer Supports the Meta News Keywords Tag. Google has revealed it no longer supports the meta news keywords tag, and hasn’t supported it for several months. Click on the image above to learn more from Search Engine Journal.


How videos generate quick SEO results. A video is very accessible, easy to consume and engages the audience’s attention for longer periods of time. To read more from Search Engine Watch, click on the photo above.


Facebook’s Adding More Options to Support 3D Posts, Eyeing the Next Evolution of the Platform. Facebook’s looking to expand the News Feed into another dimension, with the addition of 3D posts, which enable users to scroll around virtual objects on screen. Click on the above image to learn more from Social Media Today.

L2TMedia Partners With Oracle Data Cloud, Obtaining Elite-Level Marketing Data. This partnership will allow L2T’s paid social ads to transcend to the next level of digital marketing. To find out more from our L2TMedia blog, click above. 


How Search Engines Use Machine Learning. Machine learning is essentially using algorithms to calculate trends, value, or other characteristics of specific things based on historical data. For more from Search Engine Journal, click on the photo above.


Bing Ads Editor Updated With Labels for Dynamic Search Ads. Bing Ads Editor has been updated with the ability to organize dynamic search ads by adding shared labels. Click on the image above to read more from Search Engine Journal.

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L2Tidings 2-19-18