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L2Tidings 2-5-2021

on February 5, 2021

It’s time again for L2Tidings, where we explore the latest news in the automotive and digital marketing industries. This week, we read about MINI’s sustainability initiatives, Ford and Google’s new partnership, and updates to Google Search Console’s Discover Report.

Google Search Console Updates Discover Report With Chrome Data. Previously, Google Search Console’s Discover Report only collected data from the Google app on Android and iOS, but now, the report will start collecting data from Chrome mobile browsers as well. Click the photo to find out how this update could affect your site’s reported traffic levels.

Ford to Add Google Maps, Voice Assistant to Its Vehicles in 2023. This week, Ford and Google entered into a partnership to start using Google’s cloud platform and Android operating system in future Ford and Lincoln models. Learn when Ford and Lincoln infotainment systems will be updated by clicking the photo.

Google Adds More Info About Domains in Search Results. To help searchers learn more about sources without conducting multiple queries, Google is rolling out a new feature that will provide more information about domains, including detailed descriptions, site security, and whether or not results are organic or ads. Click above to find out which types of search results will feature this update.

Official: MINI Completely Ditching Leather Interiors. This week, MINI’s chief design officer confirmed MINI’s plans for future sustainability, which includes eliminating leather interiors and phasing out fossil fuel propulsion powertrains. Learn about MINI’s new recycled fabric linings by clicking above.

Google expands phrase match to include broad match modifier traffic. Google is changing the way it matches phrases to search queries with specific keywords, now including additional broad match modifier traffic to improve automated results. Click the photo to learn how this change could impact advertising campaigns.

Volkswagen Now Recycling EV Batteries. To participate in the global automotive initiative to reduce emissions, Volkswagen is making its production process cleaner by recycling electric car batteries that can no longer be used for other purposes. Learn about Volkswagen’s process for evaluating recyclable batteries by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 2-5-2021