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L2Tidings 3-19-2021

on March 19, 2021

It’s time again for L2Tidings, the part of the week where we review everything our automotive digital marketing specialists have been reading. This week, we read about BMW’s new infotainment software, how to improve user experience, and a new subscription-based search engine.

Ex-Google Employees Build New Search Engine Down The Road From Google. In an effort to increase user privacy and block distracting ads, former Google employees have created a new search engine called Neeva, which will operate on a monthly subscription basis. Click the photo to learn about what types of data Neeva will collect.

BMW’s Latest Infotainment Features Revolutionary Voice Command. Set to debut in the upcoming 2022 BMW i4, BMW’s iDrive 8 infotainment software will deliver a more holistic user experience by allowing drivers to control vital car functions using personalized voice commands. Learn about other customization options for iDrive 8 by clicking the photo.

How User Experience (UX) Can Impact Your SEO. The speed and efficiency of your website can make or break users’ perception of your business, so by creating a logical site navigation, minimizing ads, and producing easily-scannable content, you can leave an impact on your site’s visitors. Click above to learn how a positive user experience can improve search rankings.

Most Ford Mustang Mach-E EVs Will Be Built with Hands-Free Driving Capability. Following in Tesla and GM’s footsteps, Ford is outfitting many of its future Ford Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles with Active Driver Assist hands-free driving capabilities, which will be available to drivers for a $600 activation fee. Find out which other Ford models will offer Active Driver Assist functions by clicking above.

5 Key SEO Tactics for Growing Organic Traffic. Increasing traffic to your website involves a variety of different tactics, but by implementing high-ranking keywords, increasing your click-through-rate, and appearing in SERP features, you can reach a wider audience. Click the photo to learn how you can prioritize your SEO objectives.

Subaru Outback Will Add a Rugged Wilderness Package. This week, Subaru announced that it will add a new off-road-focused package to three of its models, which will include a taller suspension, six-spoke wheels, enhanced tires, and rugged exterior updates. Discover which models will receive the Wilderness package by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 3-19-2021