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L2Tidings 3-26-2021

on March 26, 2021

Welcome to this week’s edition of L2Tidings, where we see what our automotive and digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we read about changes in online review behavior, MINI’s upcoming electric hatchback, and common SEO myths.

Research: Trillions of Site Visits Uncover SEO Insights. Based on a recent study of user behavior over the past year, experts have concluded that mobile searches continue to improve, desktop searches are still popular, and page speed is critical for site performance. Click the photo to find out how search trends have changed in the past year.

TEASED: Something Hot Is Coming From MINI. Following other eco-minded automakers, MINI is making its way toward an all-electric future, and in the coming days, it plans on unveiling its first-ever electric hatchback. Get a sneak peek at the all-new “hot hatch” by clicking the photo.

4 local review trends to watch in 2021. As online reviews continue to influence purchasing behavior, it’s essential to know how various platforms are combatting fake reviews and how consumers are responding. Click above to learn how consumer perceptions of online reviews are shifting.

The Ford Bronco Sport Is So Popular Dealers Are Selling Demos. It’s no secret that the Ford Bronco Sport was one of the most highly-anticipated models of 2020, and to keep up with popular demand, Ford has created a “mannequin program” allowing dealers to sell show models to customers. Find out how many demo models individual dealers can sell by clicking above.

How to Spot SEO Myths: 20 Common SEO Myths, Debunked. As SEO continues to grow and evolve, certain practices become heavily misunderstood, such as duplicate content penalties and the importance of keywords in URLs. Click the photo to learn which SEO practices are safe and which create problems.

Volkswagen Won’t Build Another New Combustion Engine. As Volkswagen sets its sights toward an all-electric future, the automaker has officially announced that it will no longer create new combustion engines for its future models, instead only improving current combustion engines. Learn which models will receive combustion engine upgrades and which will become electric by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 3-26-2021