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L2Tidings 5-15-2020

on May 15, 2020

Welcome to L2Tidings, where you can find out what the automotive digital marketing experts at L2TMedia have been reading. This week, we read about how digital retailing has increased vehicle profitability, the official departure of the Acura RLX, and which car parts are being used to make ventilators for victims of COVID-19.

How Digital Retailing Impacts Profitability. After surveying dealership profitability before and during COVID-19, researchers found that dealers who identified as having digital retailing capabilities had more gross profit per vehicle sold versus dealers who did not have digital retailing capabilities. Learn how digital retailing affects personnel productivity by clicking the photo.

Acura RLX to bow out after 2020. With annual sales in the United States averaging less than 2,000 units over the past five years, the Acura RLX will be dropped after the 2020 model year as part of Acura’s plan to focus on crossovers and smaller, sportier sedans. Click the photo to learn about Acura’s upcoming sedan models.

Context Marketing: 5 Foundational Elements to Consider When Mapping a Content Campaign. To increase brand awareness, it’s important to craft content that stands out from the crowd, and by optimizing different content marketing avenues, you can attract your audience in new, valuable ways. Learn the five foundational elements for mapping a context marketing content campaign by clicking above.

Best Three-Row Crossovers For 2020. The three-row crossover segment is becoming one of the most popular among families and commuters alike, and these 10 crossovers are currently leading the pack. Click above to see which crossovers didn’t make the list.

Accelerating Auto Trends in the Time of COVID-19. People are now more reliant on personally owned vehicles than ever before, and out of all the people in the United States who do not currently own a vehicle, 20 percent are now considering purchasing one. Click the photo to learn which consumer expectations and behaviors to keep in mind during the current pandemic.

These Are The Car Parts Being Used To Make Ventilators During The COVID-19 Pandemic. With many automakers halting production and making medical supplies for victims of the coronavirus, some brands are using parts from their current vehicles to build masks and ventilators. Find out which common parts are being used by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 5-15-2020