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L2Tidings 5-22-2020

on May 22, 2020

Welcome to L2Tidings, the part of the week where we explore the latest news in the automotive and digital marketing industries. This week, our automotive marketing specialists read about what local search experts think of Google My Business support, the discontinuation of the Lincoln MKZ, and GM’s new “Ultra Cruise” driving technology.

Say Goodbye To The Lincoln MKZ. After being in production for 13 years, the Lincoln MKZ and all of its variants will officially end production life on July 21, 2020. Click the photo to learn what this could mean for other Lincoln luxury sedans.

What do local SEOs really think of Google My Business support? With SEO becoming more and more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic, local search experts from all marketing sectors are beginning to question the effectiveness of Google My Business’ support team. Learn what local SEO experts have to say by clicking the photo.

GMC teases Hummer EV’s removable roof panels. In the wake of what was supposed to be the Hummer EV’s official unveiling, GM has released a teaser showing off the vehicle’s new removable roof panels. Get a sneak peek of its huge digital touchscreens by clicking above.

Thought Leaders Weigh In On The Post Pandemic Advertising And Media Landscape. There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will change advertising and media going forward, and industry leaders are beginning to speculate what post-pandemic businesses and consumers will look like. Learn how to prepare your business for life after the pandemic by clicking the photo.

GM Working on Ultra Cruise Hands-Off Driving for City Streets. GM’s new and yet-to-be-officially-named “Ultra Cruise” feature would bring hands-free driver assistance technology to city driving. Click above to learn how it can help you navigate neighborhoods, cities, and subdivisions.

Google Ads Shortens Business Identity Verification Time. Google Ads has updated their policy on their identity verification program, shortening the time frame businesses have to submit documentation. Find out what this could mean for advertisers by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 5-22-2020