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L2Tidings 6-7-19

on June 7, 2019

See what the employees of L2TMedia are reading this week about dark social, electric cars, and influencer marketing.

How Starbucks is looking to dark social for greater engagement – and how you can do the same. Many see dark social as impenetrable and too difficult to evaluate ROI from. But it’s a topic that has only become increasingly timely after Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s planned pivot from a public-facing platform into one built on private messaging. Discover more about dark social by clicking the photo above.

The future of the automotive industry is electric. Although we love driving and the roar of a gas-powered engine, future generations will prefer to do something else while their electric vehicle drives itself. See what people are saying about the future of the industry by clicking the link.

The seven deadly vids: Video content to amplify and generate leads on social media. Today’s marketing departments are creating more videos than ever before – and with good reason. Discover what the experts are saying about video content here.

Piled-up inventory prompts the U.S. auto industry to cautiously amp up discounts. Find out for yourself why OEM discounts are increasing, and what that means for L2TMedia. Click the link to find out more!

What will happen to influencer marketing if Instagram “Likes” go away? Instagram recently tested eliminating “Like” counts on posts, a move that would likely empower influencer marketing agencies. Find out more by clicking the photo.

U.S. Auto sales stumble in first quarter. Find out why they’ve dropped and see how L2TMedia is staying on top. Click the picture to learn more.

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L2Tidings 6-7-19