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L2Tidings 9-10-18

on September 14, 2018

This week’s roundup of interesting digital marketing trends and industry news includes the discontinuation of a beloved car model, EU’s controversial new copyright directive, and how keyword search just changed. Find out more about what we are reading this week below!

VW to end Beetle output in 2019. The venerable Volkswagen Beetle has become the latest casualty in America’s newfound love affair with crossovers and other light trucks. Find out more from Automotive News by clicking above.


Google’s latest change has search marketers rethinking keyword match types. Here’s what some marketers are saying about the move to include same meaning queries in exact match close variants. Click on the above photo for more from Search Engine Land.


32% of Consumers Own a Smart Speaker, 71% Use Voice Commands Daily. The study shows 71 percent of smart speaker owners use voice every day, and 44 percent use voice multiple times a day. To read the rest on Search Engine Journal, click on the above image.

A closer look at Chrome’s User Experience Report. Google’s Ilya Grigorik offered this breakdown at the SMX Advanced event in June. Here’s a refresher. Click on the image above to read the rest on Search Engine Land.


EU approves controversial copyright directive aimed at Google, Facebook, Twitter. The new rules, which require member-state approval to go into effect, amount to a kind of ‘GDPR for copyright.’ For more from Search Engine Land, click above.


Google Partners Features Have Been Moved to Google Ads. Going forward, Google Partners will no longer be able to view their company’s badge and specialization status in their Google Partners account. Click on the image to learn more from Search Engine Journal. 

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L2Tidings 9-10-18