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L2Tidings 9-20-2019

on September 20, 2019

Welcome to L2Tidings, where we find out what the automotive digital marketing team at L2TMedia has been reading. This week, we read articles about the GM auto strike, future marketing jobs that are likely to emerge, and Honda’s safety-focused ad campaign.

The new marketing jobs which will emerge in the next decade – from creative to data. All the experts agree that the marketing industry is only likely to grow in the next few decades. Find out what jobs are likely to appear by clicking the photo.

Amazon to buy 100,000 electric vans. Amazon plans to have 10,000 of the new electric vehicles on the road as early as 2022 and all 100,000 vehicles on the road by 2030 – saving 4 million metric tons of carbon per year by 2030, it claims. Learn more above.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s new tool turns anything into a ‘bagel’. The novelty device can put a hole into a waffle, a pancake, a hamburger bun or even a slice of pizza, making it suitable for cream cheese. “If it looks like a bagel, put Philly on it,” the campaign proclaims, offering a video to show how the new tool makes this act possible. Discover the potential of ‘bageling’ by clicking the link.

Honda’s safety-focused ad campaign imagines the worst. Honda is using a “what if” advertising spot on the emotional impact of a vehicle-pedestrian collision as the centerpiece of a broader marketing campaign on its commitment to safety systems. See for yourself through the photo.

GM’s South Korean workers to stage a partial strike. It looks like General Motors is facing protests wherever it turns. Let us know what you think this means for the auto industry and L2TMedia.

How to define your social media strategy – in six simple steps. What should marketing managers, and their teams, be aware of when compiling a strong plan for their digital activity? A good place to begin is with these six simple steps. Learn more above.

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L2Tidings 9-20-2019