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L2Tidings 9-27-2019

on September 27, 2019

Welcome to L2Tidings, where you can find out what the automotive digital marketing experts at L2TMedia have been reading. This week, we heard about subscription-only electric vehicles, marketing in video games, and restoring trust in the digital marketing industry.

Tired of Owning a Car? The Subscription-Only Canoo EV Pod May be for You. This subscription only electric vehicle from California-based startup Canoo could have a big impact on the auto industry. Find out more about this great model by clicking the photo.

How Chipotle saved its brand by embracing a centralized digital marketing strategy. CMO Chris Brandt spoke at Advertising Week about ignoring conventional turnaround wisdom to achieve a $1.2 billion revenue increase in three months. Learn what that could mean for your digital marketing campaigns by clicking the link.

Reddit rolls out mobile landing pages, standard sizes, optional referral URLs for video ads. New standard sizes mean advertisers can repurpose content from other platforms. But what does that mean for your social media marketing strategy?

The First Troop Carrier of the Robot Uprising Is Here! Just Kidding. This concept from work-vehicle manufacturer Scania could redefine countless industries with large-scale autonomous vehicles. See for yourself by clicking the photo.

Louis Vuitton designs for ‘League of Legends’. The popular MOBA video game has reached global status, with Louis Vuitton designing the carrying case for its trophy cup, just as they do for the FIFA World Cup. Find out more about how video games are affecting the digital marketing landscape by clicking the photo.

How we can restore trust in digital advertising. The CEO of French “drive to store” marketing platform Teemo talks about how transparency can thread the digital needle between irrelevant and creepy. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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L2Tidings 9-27-2019