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L2Tidings 10-4-2019

on October 4, 2019

Happy October, everyone! Check out what our automotive digital marketing experts at L2TMedia have been reading in this week, in terms of eco-friendly auto giants, tennis shoe hoarders and Tesla’s recent Smart Summon crash scandal.

In-App Versus Open Web: Adopting Strategies for Optimal Customer Engagement. With mobile app advertising revenues expected to surpass $189 billion next year, open web advertising could be a thing of the past. Find out which method is better for you by clicking the photo.

Bentley Motors becomes the UK’s first carbon neutral luxury automotive factory. This week, Bentley Motors achieved carbon neutral certification for its efforts in reducing carbon emissions and promoting the use of renewable electricity. Learn about their green initiatives above.

Social media advertising fuelling teenagers’ unused ‘trailer mountain.’ A recent study has revealed that teenagers in the UK own the equivalent of 29 million pairs of unused trainers, all because of unchecked online advertising strategies. Click the photo to learn how companies like GAP are fighting back.

Federal Regulators Say They’re Looking Into Reports of Tesla Smart Summon Crashes. After several videos surfaced of Tesla owners watching their vehicles crash, the Feds are looking into Tesla’s new Smart Summon feature which allows drivers to automatically summon their vehicles in parking lots. Learn more about the scandal by clicking above.

Psychographics: The New Way to Make Your Brand Marketing Strategy a Success. By targeting your audiences’ personalities, emotions and attitudes, psychographics can help you significantly improve brand awareness, grow sales and increase business value. Click the photo to learn about some key psychographic targeting techniques.

America’s Auto Loan Debt Is Truly Out Of Control. With extensive long-term car loans and high interest rates on the rise, car owners are finding it increasingly difficult to pay off their debts. Find out why by clicking above.

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L2Tidings 10-4-2019