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Red Kia EV6.

L2Tidings 9-23-2022

on September 23, 2022

It’s time again for L2Tidings, where we see what our automotive and digital marketing experts have been reading. This week, we read about Uber’s plans to go all-EV by 2030, how to define SERP intent, and market projections for EV sales.

Uber driver looking at directions on phone.
Uber announced that it will have an all-EV fleet by 2030. The announcement comes as Uber’s Comfort Electric option expands to 25 American cities. Click the Uber driver to read more.
Google SERP for the search query "analytics" on a phone.
How to define SERP intent and “source type” for more effective rankings. Understanding the different source types Google displays for certain queries can help SEOs understand how viable it is to rank, and adapt accordingly. Click the mobile SERP to read more.
Porcshe plugged into EV charging station.
BloombergNEF reports that by 2030 over half of the cars sold in the US will be EVs. Biden’s climate spending has boosted projections from 43% to 52%. Click the charging Porsche to read more.
Survey asking how was your day.
Google Surveys is shutting down on November 1st. Current users will have until December 1st to download historical data. Click the survey to read more.
Bird's eye view of a red Kia EV6.
Kia is considering moving EV6 manufacturing to the United States. The Korean automaker is the latest brand enticed by tax rebates for US-based EV manufacturing. Click the red EV6 to read more.
Giant info sign.
Google app lets users remove personal information from search results. An update to the mobile app makes the removal request form more accessible, allowing users to remove personal information such as addresses or medical records. Click the info sign to read more.
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L2Tidings 9-23-2022