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L2Tidings 9-6-2019

on September 4, 2019


Cleaning up digital ad pollution. Advertisers must take note of how their work enriches their audience’s daily life, not simply whether an ad drives conversion. Find out more about ad saturation in the digital sphere by clicking the photo.

Facebook’s new off-site activity tool likely to impact marketers. Off-Facebook Activity lets users see the information that apps and websites gather about them and share with the company, and prevent the data from being linked to their Facebook accounts. Learn more by clicking the link.

Amazon 1-day shipping could have big impact on retail competitors, ad spending. Further Prime growth could impact other retailers and marketer ad spending. Learn more about how one-day shipping could impact our industry and the environment above.

U.S. launches antitrust probe into Calif. auto agreement. The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether the decision of four automakers in July to reach a voluntary agreement with California to adopt state emissions standards violated antitrust law. Find out why the government is focusing its anti-trust action on environmental agreements above.

Twitter’s ad revenue jumps 18% as marketers invest more on the platform. Advertisers saw total ad engagements increase 23% year over year, with cost-per-engagement down 4%. Find out more about what this means for L2TMedia above.

General Motors to introduce new in-vehicle technology. General Motors has announced plans to introduce new in-vehicle technology that will enhance the overall customer experience. Discover what the new voice assistant technology and more will change about the automotive experience by clicking the photo.

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L2Tidings 9-6-2019