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Never Miss The Chance To Advertise A Special Or Offer Again!

on April 25, 2023

Every 30 days (give or take) we’re back to square 1 at the dealership. Trying to get more inventory, evaluating what’s still on the lot, how our digital campaigns performed and what can we improve on for the upcoming 30 days. One of the other (and occasionally forgotten about) items is monthly new car specials and service offers either being provided by the OEM or created by the marketing team. This isn’t because they aren’t important or revenue generating, but because they can be a labor of love and for the most part a very manual effort.  

Here at L2T, we saw exactly that MoM – our clientele struggling to keep up and continually missing a big advertising opportunity that could easily be run through an AI program to ensure consistent messaging all across digital platforms. With that, we wanted to help solve for this problem at hand and created AutoIncent!  

So what is AutoIncent? It’s a tool that:  

  • Dynamically pushes your monthly sales specials + services offers across your paid search campaigns, paid social campaigns and your dealership’s website  
  • Saves time your dealership employees time by never manually posting individual incentives 
  • Ensures you maximize your vehicle views and overall engagement on your website  
  • No creative? No problem! We’ll deploy custom eye-catching ads on your dealership’s behalf 
  • Is 100% turnkey and OEM-complaint 

If this is a monthly problem for you like so many dealers across the country, what are you waiting for? We’d love to help you too! Interested in learning more about AutoIncent and all its capabilities? You can connect with someone on the team directly below.  


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Never Miss The Chance To Advertise A Special Or Offer Again!