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New for Paid Search - Image Extensions

New for Paid Search – Image Extensions

on June 23, 2022

L2TMedia is enhancing your Paid Search campaigns with image extension capabilities. Allowing product images to show up within your text ads.

Example of new image extensions

Image extensions, like call, price and location extensions, provide Google searchers with a visual along with your ad copy, encouraging more clicks. Based on behavioral intent signals and machine learning, images will appear to shoppers, when it is determined they will be more likely to engage, increasing CTR and website traffic.

Image Extension Benefits:
  • Visuals provide a unique differentiator for your ads in search
  • Increased click-through-rate
  • Increased website traffic
  • No work needed by your dealership – L2T has created an asset library across all OEMs!

Image extensions are available now!

Contact your L2T sales rep if you have any questions.

New for Paid Search – Image Extensions

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