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SEO – Don’t Get Outpaced by Your Competitors

on June 8, 2020

Fuel Your Marketing for the Long-Term

If you want to fuel your marketing for the long-term and get a leg-up on your competition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your next step.  

Build Your Potential with SEO

95% of auto buyers use digital in the shopping process. 

Paid Search is the foundation of digital marketing, but capturing your organic traffic potential is instrumental in finding new customers and building your digital ecosystem.  

Invest in SEO Now

The longer you wait to reinstate SEO strategies, the harder it will be to climb in search rankings. Accelerate Paid Search momentum and make gains in market share from your competition, not the other way around.  

New vehicle search volume is coming back. With the pent-up demand from state shutdowns and desirable incentives from OEMs, buyers are researching their next new vehicles. In fact: 

  • Search for new vehicles is back up to March 5, 2020 Levels (Google)
  • Regional search volume: May 13-19, 2020 compared to May 5-12, 2020 (Google)
    • South +18%
    • Midwest +17.1%
    • Northeast +22%
    • West +20.7%

A strong SEO strategy amplifies your website’s organic search ranking by optimizing your website with high-converting keywords, consistent local citations and insights-based content to increase the health of your website. This drives visibility in Local 3-Pack results, brings increased website traffic and creates more leads for your dealership. 

Implement SEO Recovery Strategies

Don’t sit back and wait to implement SEO until things are back to where they were. Optimize your website to steal market share, capture new leads and set your business up for a strong recovery. 

  • Ensure Google My Business and local citations are accurate.
    • It should be easy for customers to learn the basics of your business, so make sure to check your:
      • Hours of operation
      • Services
      • Address
      • Website and phone number
  • Build useful content to help customers during their research process.
    • To show up more in organic search queries, add content that fulfills a need or answers a common customer question.  
    • Include credible on- and off-site links to boost your online authority.
    • Include search terms and keywords to optimize your content for today’s new reality.
Dealership Buy Car OnlineShop from HomeHow to Buy a Car OnlineAt-Home Test Drives
Car DeliveryHome Car DeliveryAt HomeBest New Car DealsNew Car Deals
Add Keywords that are Specific to the COVID-19 Recovery
  • Increase local keyword focus to show up in Local 3-Pack results.
    • Use keywords for relevant search queries like “Jeep dealer near me”.
    • Employ social signals like engagements on Facebook and Google.
    • Monitor your reviews and review quality.
  • Gain on your competition and dominate the market with a strong conquest keyword strategy.
    • Audit your competitors keywords to find keyword gaps to build your new traffic potential.
    • Add new keywords on your site to increase your frequency in search.
    • Continue to build strong, keyword-rich content to steal market share. 

Don’t get outpaced by your competition. Dominate your market with a tailored SEO recovery strategy for your dealership. 

Ready to tackle SEO and work with an account strategist to build your COVID-19 recovery marketing strategy?


SEO – Don’t Get Outpaced by Your Competitors

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