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L2TMedia Powered by AutoQuity Launches AudiencePro 

on January 30, 2024

L2TMedia, a leader in the digital marketing automotive industry, releases AudiencePro, a comprehensive Customer Data Platform designed for precise audience targeting across media channels. AudiencePro is an expansion of their AutoQuity data and performance platform.  

By employing a combined strategy, AudiencePro + Engage enables: 

  • Data Ingestion: Merge website traffic, first-party (CRM, DMS) and third-party data for optimized customer profiles 
  • Hygiene and Segmentation: Combine, clean and normalize records to create ready-to-activate smart audiences 
  • Activation: Apply hyper-targeted data across media channels through a seamless integration that reaches ready-to-buy shoppers  

Jeff Kaufman, Vice President of Product and Strategy at L2TMedia, stated, “In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing in the automotive industry, L2TMedia remains agile. AudiencePro + Engage equips dealerships to establish more targeted connections with their audience, leveraging data to drive meaningful engagement and ultimately maximizing ROI”. 

Experience the power of AudiencePro + Engage today and upgrade your dealership’s digital marketing strategy. For more information, visit www.l2tmedia.com or contact [email protected]

About L2TMedia: 

Established in 2007, L2TMedia brings almost 20 years of automotive digital experience to retailers. L2T has a robust suite of digital products and has become one of the premier service providers of digital marketing solutions in the automotive industry. Partnering with thousands of dealers, the largest groups in the country, 6 OEM-certified programs to help dealers build awareness, engage customers and generate leads. 

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L2TMedia Powered by AutoQuity Launches AudiencePro