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Unpacking the Power of GA4: Webinar Recap and Exclusive Content 

on November 21, 2023

Ready to explore Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? Whether you missed our recent webinar or want to dig into the insights, the webinar recording is available for your convenience. 

A few highlights of the presentation: 

1. GA4 Dashboard Deep Dive: 

Journey through the GA4 dashboard, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its features and functionalities. 

2. Reporting & Interface Navigation Tips: 

Unlock effective reporting and seamlessly navigate the GA4 interface with our best practices. 

3. Simplified Event Tracking: 

Review the complexities of event tracking, making it more accessible and actionable for your digital strategy. 

4. Conversion Optimization Strategies: 

Discover strategies to optimize conversions, elevating your dealership’s digital performance. 

5. Practical Use Cases: 

See GA4 in action through practical use cases, showcasing its real-world applications. 

Questions, thoughts, or eager to explore GA4 further? We’re here for you! Watch the recording or connect with us one-on-one, and let’s continue the conversation. 



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Unpacking the Power of GA4: Webinar Recap and Exclusive Content