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OTT Advertising Drives Shopper Audiences to Your Website

on July 21, 2021
34% of US households now subscribe to ad-supported streaming services, up 6% from 2020.  

Ad-Supported Streaming  

As more streaming services enter the market, consumers are looking for no cost options to watch TV content such as ad-supported streaming platforms.  

L2T’s OTT advertising runs on Amazon’s ad-supported networks to connect your dealership to in-market audiences, and audiences are accelerating fast. The ad-supported Amazon network now reaches 120M active monthly viewers, up 30% from Q4 2020. 

L2T’s OTT Advertising Runs on Amazon  

Fire TV is the #1 streaming network in America and Amazon’s platform is the most powerful in the market. By running ads on the Amazon network, your dealership benefits from: 

L2T Dealer Results 

Results below are from a multi-brand dealer group in the Midwest. The most notable metric in their results are the homepage visits. Nearly 2,000 homepage visits attributed to L2T’s OTT advertising!  

(Cost Per Completed View)
Homepage Visits 1,701 
Total Impressions222,732
Cost Per Website View $4
Time Spent with Brands
These results are from over a 3-month period 

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OTT Advertising Drives Shopper Audiences to Your Website

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